The only product designed and manufactured in Canada around the Royal College of Dental Surgeons Ontario guidelines.

Dentists, hygienists, staff and patients are of our utmost concern. Viral Vac™ exceeds the needs of your office as outlined by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons Ontario. This is the new standard of patient health care.

The new normal for patient care.

Viral-Vac™ provides two layers of defence between a patient/client and a front-line worker. The Viral-Vac™ prevents aerosols from being projected any distance, filters away nearly all airborne aerosols, continuously filters the air in a room, reduces the need for additional PPE and provides protection without visual obstruction.

Viral-Vac™ Vortex


Viral-Vac™ Dental Care


Viral-Vac™ Medical


Solutions for aerosol generating professions.

Viral-Vac™ Vortex

5 minute fallow time (Depending on size of operatory). What does it cost your practise in wait time?

Simply roll the Viral-Vac Vortex into the operatory, place as central as possible, plug in and walk away for just a few minutes. Your operatory has now met the guidelines from the RCDSO.

Viral-Vac™ Dental

Ultrasonic equipment in dentistry generates inhalable micro-droplets of bacteria that can stay airborne for lengthy periods. Viral-Vac™ provides the purification solution needed to keep practitioners and patients safe from airborne contagions.

Viral-Vac™ Medical

Viral-Vac™ provides the necessary purification solution needed to keep practitioners and patients safe from airborne contagions while allowing easy access to the patient. The material used to form the barrier behaves similar to a fabric that moves with the healthcare provider’s hands when they are performing an aerosol-generating procedure or simply examining a patient. Viral-Vac™ allows easy access to the patient and while containing the patient-produced aerosols.

Viral-Vac™ Everyday

Viral-Vac™ also offers solutions for those working in businesses that require close contact with people such as salons.