Viral - Vac

Viral-Vac™ Medical Solution

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Viral–Vac provides purification solutions to you and your patients/clients by reducing the spread of infectious agents.

Air intake specifically designed for treating patients that are sitting.

Filter maintenance is convenient and simple.

Top Filter Access With Latch Closure

  • Filter maintenance is convenient and simple.

Directed Outflow

  • Directs air out of four of six sides with downward exhaust to distribute clean air evenly

 Easy Twist Configuration

  • Filter canister locks in place without difficulty

Interior Filters

  • Filters are contained and protected within a durable steel housing.

6 Swivel Castors

  • Provide effortless mobility without the need for lifting.

Steel Construction, Baked Thermoset Powder Finish

  • Tough wear and tear-resistant housing that doesn’t off-gas chemicals, true to the integrity of providing clean air.

Variable Speed Control

  • Change the system rate of airflow to suit capture needs to the level of contaminants in the environment.

High-Efficiency AC Backward Curved Motor

  • High-performance airflow at a low running cost, minimal drain on electricity resources with years of continuous performance.